Delete Account (Unsubscribe)

If you wish to delete your account, all data and settings gathered from Ptengine up to this point are going to be excluded.

– Please note that we can’t remove your account while you are on a paid plan. Be sure to downgrade your account to the free plan before requesting the deletion of it.

– Also, make sure you delete all profiles on your account before going forward with the termination process.

Here is how you can delete your account profiles:

The first screen after logging into your Ptengine account displays all the profiles you have connected to it. Click on the delete [X] button on the right side of the profile, as indicated in the image below.

After clicking on the delete button, you will be prompted to insert your password. Click the [Delete] button to confirm the deletion of the profile.

When all profiles have been deleted from your account, you will be shown the screen below when you log into your account.

After following the process above, please fill the account deletion request form. The deletion process will be completed within three business days, and you will receive a confirmation email when it’s finished.

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