Confirm / Edit account information

Click the User icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Account from the drop-down menu.


Fill in your information and press Save to complete. Due to security reasons, you cannot change you cannot modify the email address you registered with.

You can enter new information or edit the existing information on your account.


(1) Registered e-mail address: Your e-mail address required to login (cannot be changed)

(2) Username: Display name on the system

(3) Email: The email we can reach you at if we need to contact you.



(1) Industry: Select from the list

(2) Name: User’s name

(3) Organization: Company name

(4) Department: Department (Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.,)

(5) Telephone: Company phone number or personal contact number

(6) Address: Company address 


How to change your email address?

For the safety of data retention, the email you registered with cannot be modified.


If you would like to access Ptengine with another e-mail address:

  1. Delete the tracking code from your website.
  2. Register with a new Ptengine account using the new email address
  3. Install the tracking code from the new account onto your site.


How to change your password

Please enter your current password and then the new password you would like to change to in the next line.

Re-enter the new password you would like to change again, in the Confirm new password field and press Save to complete.

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