Using the Funnel Model you can see the path a user took leading up to a successful conversion, as well as create conversion funnel profiles that include all the critical steps in a path leading towards conversion so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

The screen shot below highlights the features of the Funnel Model, with explanations about each listed below next to their corresponding numbers.


1.Conversion Funnel List: Displays all funnel profiles created and allows you to jump from one profile to another.

2.Entry: Displays the number of entries by the source of entry. In the table below, there were 20 total entries. 10 originated from the Profile’s designated Entry page, 8 entries for Other pages, and 2 entries from the specific URL listed.


3.Exit: Displays the number of exits and where they went after exiting the funnel. In the table below, there were 8 total exits. 5 exited to the Profile’s designated Exit page, and 3 others exited to the specific URLs listed.


4. Displays the conversion rate of this funnel, and the first and last page of this funnel.

5. For each page in the funnel, this bar indicates the visitor behavior. Green is the number of visitors that proceeded to the next page in the funnel and red is the number of visitors who leave the funnel at this page.

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