Report Grade Option

For each account tracked, Ptengine provides three reporting categories to choose from: Profiles, Page Groups and Pages.


You can easily view any profiles directly from any page within the Ptengine dashboard.

  • Click on your current profile name located on the right hand side of the Ptengine navigation. A dropdown list of all your Ptengine reporting accounts will appear.
  • Click on the profile you would like to see.


*NOTE: By selecting a filter on your current profile, that same filter will stay selected even when you leave that profile to view the next profile. For example, when you filter new visitor data for Profile A, then decide, you want to view Profile B and select profile B from the Ptengine navigation, the filter option for new visitor data will carry over and stay selected to that profile. To view all visitor data do not forget to remove the filter conditions.

Page Groups

The icons listed at the end of the Profile Bar located near the top of the Data Center screen are for Page Group (seen in red below) and Pages (if you have not created any Page Groups). To select Page Group, click the icon and select your desired group from the drop down menu. Click the un-check icon (seen in yellow below) to return to the Page/Page Group icons.


If you choose the Page class (seen in red below), the Profile bar becomes a search field. Enter the name of the page you want to view. If you do not remember the Title or URL or the names are too long, you can enter keywords in the search box. Pages associated with this keyword will appear in the drop-down list. Click the “Back” arrow to return to the page / page group selection icon.

As with Profiles and Page Groups, you can use the Filter system to switch between profiles while viewing the same data for each. Click the “Back” arrow to return to the previously selected profile.


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