Saving new filters

In this section, we will explain how to create and save a new filter.

Click the filter icon on the right hand side of the report screen.

Click Add.

For this example we will create a Conversion filter. To do so, click on Conversion icon.

Click on Conversion name.

Check the conversion name you want to save, and click OK.

Hover over the bookmark icon on the top right, the  “+” icon will appear next to it on the left. Click on it.

Enter the name of your choice for your new filter and click OK.

Once it says “Save Success”, your filter options will be bookmarked and saved under the name you labelled it as.

To confirm that your filter is saved, click Clear all parameters; then you will then be redirected to the list of filter names you bookmarked and saved. If your filter options are saved, the name should be present in that list.

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