How to check Ptengine Script is working properly

Have you set up the script for Ptengine? In this article we will show you how to check if the Ptengine script are working properly.

Confirmation of Ptengine script placement #

  • 1. Open a web page and launch the Developer Tools by right-clicking on "Validation" in the administration menu.
  • 2. Search for "Webcollect" in "Network", if you have a Webcollect package like the image below, you will see that the tag is set.
  • 3. You can see the "Page" package, and when you open the "Page" package, check if the "ProfileId" matches the sid in the tag (the so-called ProfileId). If it does, that means that the tag has been placed correctly.

Easy confirmation of data measurements #

Once you have installed the Ptengine script, you can easily check if the data is working properly.
Click on the "Data Setting" >> "Check and Done" button. You will be given a hint as to whether the data is working or not, see the image below for more details.

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