Attracting visitors to visit your site is not the end. We have to make sure they will be converted.

Engagement helps you show your perfect offer to the right people at the exact right time to maximize your website conversions.

Report of Engagement

The report shows the performance of the Engagement you have set.

    • Segment the Engagement by status

Clicks “All Widgets” to segment the Engagement by status. You can select status as “Running”, “Paused”, “Draft”, “Trash”.

    • Search Engagement by name

Allows you search engagement by engagement name.

    • Create a Widget

Clicks “+ Create a Widget”, you can create a widget for Engagament.

    • Engagement Preview

Move mouse to your Engagement, you will see a “Preview” button behind. You can have a quickly preview  on your Engagement.

    • Setting of your Engagement

From setting, you can “edit”, “run/pause”, “Duplicate”, “Delete” your Engagement.

Metrix of Engagement

You can check the following metrix for the Engagement you have set.

Impression : the number of your engagement that be shown.
CTR(Click Through Rate) : the percentage of clicks that your engagement be clicked.
Close Rate : the percentage that your engagement be closed.
Exit Rate : is the percentage that were the last pageview in the visit after shows engagements.
# Conversion (# CV) : the number when a user has carried out the desired action on your website by showing engagement.
% Conversion (% CV) : the percentage of conversions that have been reached in the visit after shows engagement.

How to user Engagement

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