Visual Event Tracking

How to setup visual event tracking?

  1. Log in to your Ptengine account
  1. Click on the Events button on the upper left sidebar of our website

  1. You can Enter a URL or scroll down and Select a URL from a list.

  1. Once on your selected URL, Click Hide on the upper right sidebar to view the full web page

  1. You can choose a large segment or a smaller section or a button to Track, just move the cursor to the part or button that you want to track, and it will be outlined in red.





  1. Click on the button or section that you want to track, a pop-up window will appear, Click Define.

  1.  Fill in the ‘Event Range Setting’ details and Click confirm.
  2. Once you have selected the sections or videos or buttons, you want to Track, press Shift+F5 and you are now ready to track the events.

  1. Go to Events and click on segment

And the data of the Event tracking is shown in a graph and also individually below


  1. Event Tracking can be viewed all together simultaneously in the graph like the image above or it can be viewed individually in the graph too by selecting an event you want to view the image below.

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