FAQ for WordPress Plugin

Do I need an account to use the Ptengine WordPress Plugin?
Yes. The registration process is straightforward. After you successfully install the Plugin, please follow the instructions in Ptengine settings to create an account.

How to create a profile?
To start tracking your website, you need to set up a profile in Ptengine. Please go to Ptengine settings and follow the instructions. If you already have a profile, you can add it to your account.

How to see more functions of Ptengine, like Heatmaps?
To use other features of Ptengine, please go directly to Ptengine’s full version dashboard report.ptengine.com or log in through official website www.ptengine.com. There you can find more detailed information and use more advanced features. The account is the same as the one you use on your WordPress site.

What should I do if the code implementation failed?
If the auto-implementation failed when you were creating a profile, please follow the steps here to implement the code manually.

How do I stop Ptengine from tracking my website?
If you don’t want Ptengine to track your website data, please go to the Plugin section in WordPress and deactivate it. If you don’t want to use Ptengine anymore, you can delete the plugin in the plugin section.

How to restart Ptengine Plugin once I have deactivated it?
If Ptengine is still installed but disabled – go to the Plugin section in WordPress to activate it. However, if you have deleted Ptengine, you’ll need to re-install the plugin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at support@ptengine.com or use the bottom right-hand tab to send our support desk a message. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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