Q. Is there a manual installation guide of Ptengine?

A. Please refer to Ptengine manual installation guide.


Q. Can I exclude connections from a specific IP address?

A. It’s possible. Please login to Ptengine and set IP exclusion measurement by profile setting.
For the specific procedure, please refer to here.


Q. Can I track my WordPress website using Ptengine?

A. By installing Ptengine ‘s WordPress plug – in, you can see the data directly on the WordPress administration screen. Click here for WordPress plugin.


Q. What is the recommended browser for viewing reports with Ptengine?

A. Recommended browsers are as follows:
Chrome 3.3.0 or higher / Firefox 2.8.0 or higher / Safari 7.0.2 or higher.


Q. What kind of devices does Ptengine’s report support?

A. Ptengine’s report is available on PC and tablet.
However, in order to fully utilize the data display function, we recommend you to use it on PC.


Q. Which device-oriented site can Ptengine track?

A. Currently, we can track websites intended for PC, tablet, and smart phone view.


Q. Is it possible to do the A / B test using Ptengine?

A. Currently, Ptengine can measure experimental results of A / B test using Optimizely and Optimizely X.
Optimizely and Optimizely X needs to be set in advance.
After completing the setting with Optmizely, log in to Ptengine, turn on this function and set the page you want to test, you can see the result of the A / B test on the heat map.
For details on using this feature, please click here.

* For details on how to use Optimizely, please click here.
** Please click here to learn more about Optimizely X.


Q. Can I manage profiles with two or more users together?

A. In the paid version, it is possible to invite other users and set them up accordingly. However, this is not possible with the free version.
Login to Ptengine → Click  ‘Settings’ at the top of the screen → click  ‘User’, to add a user Click on +Add User and send an invitation email.


Q. Is it possible to track data on payment screen such as an E-Commerce website?
A. For pages that require a login, even though you can track numerical data such as the number of PVs, you may not be able to display the heat map. In that case, kindly use Overlay heatmap.





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