Installing Ptengine on Hubspot COS

Installing Ptengine on Hubspot COS sitewise


  1. Copy Ptengine’s tracking code.
  2. Log into to your Hubspot COS account.
  3. Locate the Site Header HTML code box
  4. Paste the Ptengine code into the box


5. Scroll down and click the Save changes button.

Installing Ptengine on a single Hubspot page

Alternatively, in the case you only want to apply Ptengine to just one particular page, and not integrate Ptengine to all your HubSpot pages, go to:

  1. Content → or Website, locate the page in question and access it for editing.
  2. Under the Settings tab, paste the Tracking Code (not the Tracking ID) in the Head Section HTML section under Advanced Options. When ready, click on Publish/Update Page button to finish.

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