Intro To the Data Center

In this 3 part video series, we show you how to use the Data Center to see how well your site is achieving its key metrics and goals and how much traffic from different Websites, Online Ads, Countries, Devices, and other Sources contribute to those goals.

You can then make decisions as to which sources of traffic are profitable and worth more time and money and which ones need adjusting or removing.

Part 1: Traffic Overview

In this video, we cover the Data Center Dashboard which shows an overview of your site’s performance.

Part 2: Traffic Details

In this video we will see how to expand each individual source, device, geography, campaign, and page to discover exactly how much traffic coming from each one contributes to your site’s important performance metrics.



Part 3: Conversion and Campaign Statistics

In this video, see how well each of your site’s conversion goals are being met.  We will also see the performance details of the different campaigns you are running.

Watch the next video in the Getting Started Series: Apply Filters To your Heatmaps and Data Center Data

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