Only 14 days of full-featured experience, which features should’t be missed !

During the full-featured freetrial, we turned on all the features for you!
Let’s take a look at which features shound not to be missed, let Ptengine help you!


“The overall performance of the website has not seen any clues…”
“The bounce rate has tripled. What went wrong?”
“The number of new users has gone up, how can I make them stay?”
Why do you have these troubles? Because there is no subdivided data, it is difficult to make value.
Try the segment and track the behavior of different user groups to make it easier to spot problems.
It’s extremely simple to use?, no Settings, just click on the small funnel after the data you want to see. User behaviors of different advertising sources are different, don’t believe? segment it, take a look at the heatmap and conversion!

2. Visual events

The “sign up” button on the official website is so important, how to monitor performance all the time?

The user who clicked “sign up” finally sign up successfully?
Visual events don’t need to rely on R&D stuff to deploy code on the website for monitoring data, just click on the elements ,simple and easy.
To analyze the subsequent conversion, simply set the event as a step of conversion and evaluate the conversion rate.

3. Heatmap comparison

Putting two heatmaps together makes it easier to spot problems.
Think about it?️, If you compare the heatmaps before and after the revision, Then the revision effect can be seen at a glance~
By the way, verify that user behavior is as expected and what is worth optimizing.
Similarly, compare new/old users, free/paid users, users from different channels.
This feeling is wonderful because all the verification results and potential optimization points are shown on the heatmap, and the future optimization is well-founded.✌️
Instead of thinking and optimising every day, it’s better to look at the heatmap comparison.(╯▽╰)╭

4. Heatmap sharing

The data support scheme is very important, but who understands the pain of finding data,making charts and ppt?
Sharing data to team members also requires time and effort to write the analysis process and conclusions?
Heatmap sharing can generate heatmap viewing links, save time in expressing opinions, and make it easy to report, do display, and share collaboration!

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