Metric Calculations Comparison

Many users are curious about why there is a difference between the data monitored by different tools on the same website.
In fact, most web analytics tools have their own set of specifications for calculating metrics. For example, for the same visit, there are different ways to judge the end of the session and different methods to calculate independent visitors. The purpose is to make the data statistics closer to the actual operation of the user behavior.
The following table shows a comparison of Ptengine and Google Analytics metrics calculations.

Ptengine Google Analytics
Page View Statistics Methods: The JS statistic code on the page is loaded once PV + 1. Statistical methods: Each Tracking Code is executed will be.
Calculation Method We will automatically exclude some abnormal pv, such as user brush volume, browser bug or bug collection. Calculated, a page of repeated abnormal download browse is also calculated.
Determine the end of the session Session end actions include:
1. Visitors have no activity for 30 minutes or 5 minutes;
2.Close the browser.
3. Close the last page of the site and did not return within the cooldown time (30 minutes or 5 minutes)
Ptengine uses the heartbeat package to monitor the user’s access status every 15 seconds to ensure that page dwell time and session end judgment are more accurate.
Session end actions include:
1. Default visitors have no activity within 30 minutes, you can also custom session exceeded time.
2. Session across the time zone of 24 points;
3. The same visitor returns to the site with the new referral parameter.
How to exclude duplicate visitor Each visitor calculates only once in the reporting time period.
How to exclude duplicate visitor:
1. Within a single day, within the summary range (whole day, whole week, whole month),cross-total interval (such as a few days plus a few days) completely exclude duplicate visits.
With the exclusion of duplicate users to ensure the authenticity of Unique Visitor, and the data is not sampled, the data is the summary of all user access data.
How to exclude duplicate visitor:
1. the request of time interval dimension.
2. Using the number of visits and client access time to calculate.
In order to ensure the calculation efficiency, take a certain sampling method.
How to calculate the visit stay time Use “listening action package and heartbeat package + impulse mechanism” to calculate the visit stay time. Really maximize the user access to the data. Depending on whether the last page user visits has engagement hits, generally, the last hit is lost between the time it leaves the station, and the accuracy needs to be improved.
Entry page Definition: The first page in a visit
In order to distinguish different users’ first impression of entry page, Therefore, if the visit is not completed yet, enter again does not count.
Definition: The first page in a visit.

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