Verify tracking code

1. Open a web page on your site that has the tracking code installed.

2. Click the ‘Check’-button in the profile creation step 2.

3. Or, go to Ptengine’s Realtime view. If you can see your visit in the Real-time view, the tracking code has been successfully installed on that page.

What if I can’t see any visitors in Realtime view, or if the check fails?

1. Make sure that the page you are viewing has the code installed.

2. Make sure the domain (tracking area) is correctly set:

– Add www. to the domain settings if your website uses www.
– If your website does not use www. – remove it from the domain configuration.
3. If your domain is a second tier domain, www.example.co.uk – make sure you add the full URL.
4. Revise the tracking code, and ensure that the tracking code has not been edited or modified. Some editors may add or remove tags to the code.

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