Attention Heatmap

Ptengine’s Attention Heatmap provides a thermographic representation of a page according to visitor behavior toward the actual viewing area. It does this by tracking the amount of time visitors stay focused on a region of the page.

Factors directly related to this measurement include content that may draw the user’s attention at a higher rate, portions of the page that may or may not be seen by visitors and the tendency of visitors to scroll down a page.

For example, the red of on the Attention Heatmap below indicates that the % of people who viewed this page viewed it for longer than any other section. Based on scroll activity, the rest of the page was not only viewed by fewer people but the people who did view it also viewed it for a shorter time.

With the Attention Heatmap you can tell what attracts visitors on any given page, content you consider important but was ignored by visitors to the page, the optimal length of your page, and which elements encourage visitors to continue interacting with or return to your site.

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