Heatmap Comparison

In addition to our signature Heatmap feature, Ptengine allows you to compare the heatmaps of two pages in a side-by-side comparison. Click the “Heatmaps Comparison” in the top right corner to start comparing.


Select the time frame for the reporting period you’d like to see for each heatmap. You can see data for the same period or select different time frames for each heatmap independently.

Find Pages

If you need to search for pages to compare, you can do so by URL, Page Title or Search term.



Filtering parameters for the two pages can be the same or independent of one another. For further instructions on using the Filter, see “Filter.

The Cross-Use of Time, Page and Filter

Ptengine’s Heatmap Comparison functionality is exceptionally robust, allowing you to compare a variety of factors in multiple configurations. Below are a few specific examples.

1.Comparing the same time frame on two different pages

2.Comparing the same page for two different time frames

3.Comparing the same pages during the same time frame, but with different filters

For example, to see the difference between new visitors and returning visitors, we can compare the unique visitors’ click heatmap with the returning visitors’ attention heatmap on the same page and time.

Note: Selecting multiple elements independently of each other will show you the same page under different conditions.

Heatmap Comparison for Devices:

You can use the heatmap comparison feature with the data contained in the Device Center at the same time. When viewing a Heatmap Comparison within the Device Center, you can select to see all heatmap data, or the data for content based on the view of the user, both vertical and horizontal.

Click Heatmap, Attention Heatmap, Page Analysis

By default, heatmap comparison pages show you the click map of two pages. Mix and match the types of Heatmaps displayed with the various views to perform an in-depth analysis of your site’s content relative to its visitor profiles and activity.

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