Heatmap report

Heat map analysis can be performed according to the purpose by several functions.

First, click the “Heat Map” icon to display the page list.

The scroll analysis function shows how far the visitors scrolled and what the visitors actually viewed on the site by the percentage of visitors. You will be able to see what part of your website was viewed by the visitors.

The red frame in the screenshot below shows the arrival rate of the scroll, which indicates that 63% of visitors browsing to this part.

The share function can share and save the heat map report to those who want to share it.

You can check the report at any time by accessing the URL, and no need to login to Ptengine to check it.

Overlay is a function that shows a heat map with the same sense as seeing a website.

Comparison of heat maps:

  • You can compare heat maps for different periods and different filter conditions for the same URL.
  • You can compare different URLs for the same time period and same filter conditions.