How to view the heat map for a website that needs login?

When you want to see the heat map of the shopping cart at an E-Commerce website, you can also use the same method below.


Please login to the website first and open the page for which you want to see the heat map.


For an ECommerce website, to see the heat map with the items in the shopping cart,

it is necessary to reproduce the state that the items are in the shopping cart.



Before login URL: https: //test.com/ → → → After login URL: https: //test.com/login/


Please open another tab with the same browser as above and access Ptengine’s heat map report.


If you select the above login URL (https://test.com/login/) in the heat map list and open the heat map with the Overlay function, you will be able to browse the heat map of the page after login.


Both ‘Click’ and ‘Attention’ heat map can be viewed in the same way.
If the web page’s heatmap stops or doesn’t work while you are logged in, move the mouse cursor to the header part of the heat map you are viewing in Overlay, the navigation bar will be displayed. Click ‘Refresh’ on the navigation bar to show the heat map.

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