Take a screenshot


To take a screenshot of the full page, install a screenshot plugin to your browser.

1.  Click ‘Customize and control Google Chrome‘ and go to ‘More tools‘ –> ‘Extensions‘.

2.  Click the ‘Get more extensions‘ link to enter Google Webstore. Search for “Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate.” Click the ‘Free‘ button to download and install the plugin.

3.  After the plugin has been installed, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the browser.

4.  Click this icon and choose ‘Capture entire page.’


Press the Alt key in Safari to display the toolbar. Go to ‘File’ and locate ‘Export to PDF.’

*You can also install a plugin called “Snippet.”


1.Open Firefox and go to ‘Tools‘ –> ‘Add-ons‘. Sometimes you have to press the Alt key to make the toolbar visible.

2.Search for “FireCaptor” in the search bar and click ‘Install‘.

3.After the Add-on has been successfully installed, FireCaptor should be visible on the top right of your browser. Click the icon to take a screenshot.


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