Online Pages & Visitors

To access the Online Pages & Visitors data screen, click the arrow on the right of the Real-Time Data page. You will see a screen that looks like the image below.

The Pages column on the left shows Page names, URLs and the number of visitors on each page at that moment. To see either a Real Time Data report or the Heatmap report for a particular page, hover over that page and click the corresponding icon that appears on the right of the column.

The Recent Online Visitors column on the right shows each visitor’s location, UID (unique user identity), visitor type (new vs. returning), technology, source and which pages the visitor is browsing. To visit either the page the visitor is currently browsing, or the URL of the referring source, click on the launch box at the end of each URL.


To view the Recent Visitors of a particular Page and prevent the Recent Visitors column from updating in real time, click on the Page box. A “pause” icon will appear in the center of the screen. In this suspended state, you can browse the data at your own pace. Click on “Details” in the upper right of the Pages column to see additional details about a particular page. To return to real time updating, click the “pause” icon.


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