Realtime Data

To access Real-Time Data, click on the Time Clips tab in your Ptengine report. Real-time data provided in the page overview includes the following:

1. Visitors

The number of visitors that are on your site at that exact moment and the percentage of those who are new visitors.

2. Pages

The pages being browsed at that exact moment.

In the screenshot above, each column represents 10 seconds. There are 60 columns, for a total of 10 minutes. By placing your mouse on the final column in the row, the page will display the number of visitors and pages viewed in the last 10 seconds.

3. Traffic Sources

Track website traffic from each of the following sources: direct source, search engines, referrals, campaign and social sites. The screen below shows you the percentage of traffic that originated from each source.

To see more detailed information about the sources, click “details” in the upper right corner.


4 Technology

The data displayed here shows the devices used by your online visitors to access your website, shown as a percentage of overall visitors. Primary devices shown are PCs, Smart Phones, Tablets,  and Others.  Others include Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Wearable Devices, etc.


5. OS & Browser

Tracks the operating system (OS) and browser used by visitors to access your website. This information is displayed in descending order. When the number of OS and browser types is greater than 5, a small roller will appear to the right of the frame to see more the additional categories.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@ptengine.com. We look forward to seeing you succeed.

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