Campaign URL Builder

URL Builder helps you build a URL within Campaign parameters that can be used to distinguish important events like banner advertisements, search engine PPC, offline markets, etc. Generate a tagged URL and distribute it as the URL linked to your advertising agents. When visitors are directed to your site via the Campaign then they will land on the tagged URL. However, the page content will remain the same as the original landing page.

You will receive a Campaign traffic report in your data center once the tagged URL is visited. For Google Analytics Users: Ptengine’s URL builder follows the same pattern as Google Analytics. As Google’s is the most commonly used, we can accommodate the existing URL within Google Analytic’s parameters. This means that there is no need to modify the existing URLs.

Six fields need to be filled in while building a URL:

  1. Campaign Name: A name you give to your campaign, i.e New Years’ Resolutions
  2. Campaign Source: The location of the campaign, i.e. Homepage, Email, Newsletter, etc.
  3. Campaign Medium: The type of campaign, i.e. Banner Ad, Partner Link, Call to Action
  4. Campaign Term: Specific keywords or targeted topics relevant to the campaign, i.e. Kids’ Toys
  5. Campaign Content: Descriptors about the campaigns content, particularly any that may distinguish it from other similar campaigns, i.e. A boy with a teddy bear vs. a girl with a teddy bear, decaf coffee, etc.
  6. Generate URL: Click on “Generate Tagged URL” and the url will generate as follows:

http://www.ptengine.com?utm_campaign=123&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Banner&utm_term=one&utm_content=number one



Give the generated url to advertisers.

Once the relevant sources have visitors, the system will monitor the relevant data.

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