How to change the setting of “http: //” “https: //” ?

I will explain using an example of a paid version of the Startup plan.

Startup plan can register 20 domains in 1 profile

Clicking + Add as shown in the screenshot will enable adding one new domain.

Please add [http: // & https: //] example.com in the column and delete  [http: //] example.com and save it.


※ If you are using WordPress Ptengine plugin please go to the WordPress administration screen.

You have changed the target website from [http: //] example.com to [http: // & https: //] example.com

However, if the number of domains in use has reached the maximum number you need to delete one domain, to make room for the new domain or you can upgrade to a bigger plan based on your usage.

Deleting the domain does not erase the past data, but it stops tracking the data for the website so we recommend that you backup your data using the CSV export.

However, since Ptengine Free Plan can track only one domain that can be set at 1 time only, it can not be changed by the above method.

Should you feel the need to change from http to https or vice-versa , please register with another account and install the tracking code again.

If you want to use the same account (e-mail address) send us a request and we will delete your account so that you can start afresh.
In this case, all data acquired so far will be deleted, so please export and save the data.

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