Set up Conversion goals

A Website Conversion is when a visitor has carried out the desired action on your website. These activities may include signing up to receive newsletters, subscribe to an email list, filling out a form, downloading an e-book, making a purchase and others.

In Ptengine, you can create, edit and delete Conversions to monitor using your own criteria.

Conversion List

  1. Conversion name: Assign a unique name to each conversion to help you track and organize it easily.
  2. Status: Establishes a conversion as active, and therefore tracked, or inactive and not tracked.
  3. Edit: Make changes to an established conversion.
  4. Delete: Delete a conversion entirely. Be mindful, however, that the data generated as a result of that conversion will also be deleted. Deleting data can skew or another affect all other data after its deletion.
  5. The number of conversions: The number of conversions you have created and the total number of conversions you are permitted to create.
  6. Add: To add a new conversion, take the following steps

Add Conversion

Click the “Add” button to the conversion list.

Enter a goal for the conversion; it can be a URL, URL Rule or a Page group.

 Optional – add a value to the conversion

Set the real or perceived value for each conversion, positive or negative.
For example, an email sign-up is seen as a success and counted as Revenue with a positive number attributed to each conversion. An Unsubscribe would be seen as a failed conversion and would be a loss with a negative value assigned to it.

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