What is the main domain name, subdomain name, sub-directory?

The main domain name, also known as first level domain name,  has only one point, like “mysite.com”, the subdomain names are under this domain name.

Subdomain name is the domain name under the main domain name, the domain name will have multiple points, such as “domain.mysite.com” is a second-level subdomain name. Third-level subdomain name just add new content in front of the “domain”, such as “help.domain.mysite.com”, and so on, N-level subdomain name just add conttent in front of the N-1 subdomain name.

Directory, it is similar to the folder in the computer’s location,is a string of paths.

“mysite.com” is generally considered the root directory of the website, the subdirectory is under the root directory, the link form is generally added “/”at the end of  the domain name, such as “www.mysite.com/agent/” is a subdirectory.

In Ptengine, simply add a main domain name and it can monitor all subdomains and subdirectories under your main domain name. If you just fill in a subdomain, such as “domain.mysite.com”, then “help.mysite.com”, “mysite.com / agent / ”can not be monitored. If you want to monitor the entire site, just fill in the main domain name.

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