URL setting of heat map for free account

If you are on a Free Plan, you can view the heat map after the following setup

* In the paid version, it is possible to view the heat map of the URLs wherein the tracking code is installed according to the plan details.


Please upgrade to a paid plan if you wish to view heat maps for multiple URLs.

Select Settings >> Heat Map

Click +Add a Heat Map and enter the URL for which you want to view heatmap.

The heat map function of the free version account can track only one URL data that matches exactly to the URL set in Seteing >>Heatmap.


URL set in Add a Heatmap

Http://www.example.com/campaign01/ · · · (A)


URL accessed by the user

Http://www.example.com/campaign01/ · · · (B)

Http://www.example.com/campaign01/?utm_source=logicad&utm_medium=dsp (C)


In this case (A) and (B) are perfectly consistent, this is reflected in the heat map.


However, because (A) and (C) are not perfect matches, the access of (C) can not be measured by the heat map and is not reflected.


Therefore, please select the URL set in Add a Heatmap according to your website.
Also, depending on the setting of Uniform URL, it may be impossible to measure the heat map. In those case, you need to configure your server settings on your website.

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