In Ptengine you can invite other users and share the profile you created.

Invited users have administrative rights or viewing privileges on the profile based on the Admin’s discretion.

Administrator: Can make changes to the settings of the shared profile. The setting authority is the same as the Admin.

However, an administrator cannot delete a shared profile.

User: Can view the report, but can not make changes to the settings of the shared profile.

How to add shared users

Settings >> User >> and to the right of the screen click on + Add User

A pop-up will appear

Please enter the email address of the user to be invited to the profile and select Send.

※ At this time, if you request a mail address that does not yet have Ptengine account,

This e-mail address will be the Ptengine account of the invited user. For details, please click here.

You can select ON / OFF of the administrative authority of the invited user with the switch as shown in the screenshot marked in red.

If you click Send, a confirmation screen will be displayed for setting the administrative authority.

After selecting your option, please click “Send” again, an invitation email will be sent to the user.


How to change the permissions of a shared user?

To give a user – administrator privileges, set the switch to ‘ON.’

When giving administrator privileges, a confirmation screen will appear. Press “OK” button to complete the setting.

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