IP Exclusion

If you do not want to measure data from specific IP address, you can use IP exclusion feature to exclude the data.  

This is how it works

  1. When excluding one IP


  1. Specify the range of IP addresses you want to exclude



* It takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes to be reflected after setting.

※ ※ You can check if exclusion address is actually applied by the following method.


There are two types in “my IP address”.

(1) When acquiring static IP – Always have the same IP address as the connection source

(2) DHCP – Disconnect and reconnect, IP address will be reassigned


Therefore, it is not always the same IP address as the connection source, it can be excluded only in the case of (1)

Please confirm that (1) is the exclusion setting by the customer.
(1) is confirmed, from the fixed IP address that should be excluded