Number of registrable profiles determined for each plan


Plan Profiles Domains Users
Free 1 1 1
Lite 1 1 1
Startup 1 20 10
Growth 2 50 50
Custom / Premium Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


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I will explain how the number of profiles influences access analysis by using Startup plan.

The maximum number of profiles for Startup plan is “one”.


The number of domains which allowed for one profile is “20”, and the the user who can view the profile is limited to “10 people”.


With one Startup account you can set it in one profile as follows.

A domain 1 – example.com

B domain 1 – abc.com

(Subdomains are all measured if tracking code is installed)


What is the case thad does not work well in the settings above ?


  1. When View only access to Ptengine’s report screen –  I want to authorize only Mr. X to domain A and Mr.Y to domain B. However, because there is only one profile, the authority can not be divided. Therefore, if you give the View only access, Mr. X and Mr. Y will be able to view the reports of both A and B domains.


  1. Mr. X has 12 domains. If you want to measure both of them, if you join Mr. Y who has domain 15 domains, it will be 27 domains, so it will exceed the upper limit of the Startup plan.


Incidentally, if you say what is different when you split profiles …


  • Data browsing authority can be set for each profile.



The maximum number of users authorized (the number of email addresses that can be logged in) depends on the plan.


  • The description of the tracking code pasted on the web page for each profile is different.

Be sure to paste the tracking code of the profile related to the domain when pasting the tracking code to the web page. If you paste an incorrect analysis code, the data will not show up on your Data center.


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