Why the same URLs differentiated by “/” can not be merged ?

In the Ptengine settings, the merge “/” function of the URL is a default. It means that the data of the same URL will be merged after removing the “/”.

Ptengine’s Merge URL logic

The usual merge logic is as follows:

1: www. ***.com /
2: www. ***.com

↓ Merge

1 + 2: www. ***.com

However, for URLs with tail, the last “/” will be retained

1: www. ***.com /
2: www. ***.com
3: www. ***.com / ? Form = mail

↓ Merge page

1 + 2: www. ***.com
3 : www. ***.com /

As mentioned above, for a URL with a tail, the “/” at the end of the URL will not be merged even if the function of the merge URL “/” is opened.

Background Information


Case 1:
homepage: https://shop.ptengine.com/
Introduction page of product 1: https: //shop.ptengine.com/#927242
Introduction page of product 2: https: //shop.ptengine.com/#927243

Case 2:
Home: https://shop.ptengine.com/
Home ad flow: https: //shop.ptengine.com/? utmsource = yahoo

For case 1, since the contents of the first page and the e-commerce page are completely different, it is more effective to check the data of the first page and each product introduction page separately on the page.

With the Home Page:
→ Home’s collection (https://shop.ptengine.com/ and https://shop.ptengine.com)
→ Collection of each product introduction page (https://shop.ptengine.com/ commodity id)

In Case 2, although the end of the URL with the ad tail, but its content is same as the first page, you need to set it as a page group, to view the overall data.

You can set the page group based on the following criteria:

Exact match: https://shop.ptengine.com
Exact match: https://shop.ptengine.com/
Head match: https://shop.ptengine.com/?

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