Channel Grouping

The Channel Grouping allows you to a) automatically re-classifying and b) attaching meaningful names to different sources of traffic when Landing Page URL parameters meet certain pre-defined custom conditions. This allows users to re-classify specific traffic under categories that make more sense to their business and segment them according to easily distinguishable names.

Aside from differentiating based on UTM parameters, users can create rules that re-classify and channel names to traffic based on the values of custom defined parameters in the Landing Page URLs.

You can re-classify your Channel into the following main categories: Direct, Search, Social Media, Referral, Campaign

Setup Steps:

1. Click on Settings, choose Channel grouping

2. Create + New grouping

3. Input the tool name; the same device name can be used more than once.

4. Choose the traffic type you’d like traffic matching this rule to be classified as

5. Input the name you’d like to attach to this traffic and the parameter matching rules

6. Click save.


Customer A advertised through advertiser B during the Shopping Festival.All landing pages are as follows.

  1. http://datatest11.ptmind.com/ydtest/online_com/about.html?gcid=1234
  1. http://datatest11.ptmind.com/ydtest/online_com/about.html?gcid=12345678
  1. http://datatest11.ptmind.com/ydtest/online_com/about.html?gcid=adgc123567
  1. http://datatest11.ptmind.com/ydtest/online_com/about.html?gcid=90opqw
  1. http://datatest11.ptmind.com/ydtest/online_com/about.html?gcid=1234qwerty

By observing we can see that all landing pages there will be a generic logo such as “gcid”, and this logo is unique,and we can use this to set all landing pages into a  group , to view the performance of the ads severed by advertiser B in the Traffic Acquisition Report.

So we can  make the following settings:

1.Click “New grouping”.

2.Fill in the group name: advertisers B,this will show in Channel grouping page,and allows you to manage groups.

3.Select the traffic type of  the ads.

4.Fill in the source name:B,this will show in the Traffic Acquisition Report.

5.Fill  in the matching rules used to mach the landing page URL.In the case ,just fill in “gcid”


Then you can view the performance of the ads severed by advertiser B in the Traffic Acquisition Report.

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