Customize your advertising campaigns using Ptengine. Add or create unique URL parameters to distinguish events and monitor specific information about your campaigns. Improve the targeting of your website by understanding which channels brought visitors to your site, the mode of delivery that works best, and which content was most successful in delivering visitors to your site.

For example, you may want to know how many visitors on your site click the “download application” link, or how many visitors come to your website from the email link.

Campaign Traffic

Campaign Traffic data is tracked by the total number of Visits and Page Views (PV), the average time on page, the percent of new visits and the bounce rate for each of the 5 data fields established for the campaign using the Campaign URL Builder:

  1. Campaign Name: A name you give to your campaign, i.e New Years’ Resolutions
  2. Campaign Source: The location of the campaign, i.e. Homepage, Email, Newsletter, etc.
  3. Campaign Medium: The type of campaign, i.e. Banner Ad, Partner Link, Call to Action
  4. Campaign Term: Specific keywords or targeted topics relevant to the campaign, i.e. Kids’ Toys
  5. Campaign Content: Descriptors about the campaigns content, particularly any that may distinguish it from other similar campaigns, i.e. A boy with a teddy bear vs. a girl with a teddy bear, decaf coffee, etc.

Search:  Search for particular campaigns by whole or part names, URLs or keywords.

Quick filter: To view the information for a particular campaign only, click on the filter icon at the end of the row.

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