What is a Heatmap? #

A heatmap is a graphic representation of data in which values are represented by colors. They allow you to track and record what visitors are doing on your website based on their mouse movements.

Places that are more viewed or clicked turn red, whereas places that are less viewed or clicked turn colourless or blue.

Here we will explain 7 types of heatmaps: click heatmap, attention heatmap, comparison analysis, page analysis, web views, shares and recently viewed heatmap.

Click Heatmap
This heatmap shows you where users tapped/clicked on your site. The more often a location is tapped, the redder it is. This helps you to visualise the needs and interests of your visitors and to improve your site.

Attention Heatmap
Attention heatmaps show you how much time users are spending on your pages.It's represented by the shades of the heatmap.The more frequently viewed an area is, the redder it becomes. Even if the user doesn't click, the time spent there can be used to determine the user's interest.

Page analysis
You can see the specific number of clicks, the rate, etc. You can also see the hamburger menu and the elements of the carousel panel.

Additional comparisons
You can compare two pages, periods, segments, etc. side by side for comparison. You can operate them individually.

You can create a share link so that others can see the relevant heatmap.

Overlay is a feature that allows you to view the heatmap in the same way you would view a website.

Historical heatmap (saved pages)
To compare the page before and after the site update,save the target page as a static page in the Ptengine server.

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