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To make the URLs set in the campaign jump to the specified location in the page, you can easily achieve this by adding anchor links through the Ptengine Experience editor.

How to set #

  • 1Create a new campaign and enter into the editor.
  • 2Determine the element where the anchor link will jump to, and click [Edit HTML].
  • 3Add a unique identification id to the HTML of the relevant element and apply it. If the element already has a unique identification id, you do not need to add it any more.
  • Note:
    1.Make sure to give it a unique id that identifies it as a destination element.
    2.The identification id shoud be add with the tag of [id="unique identification id value"]. Also, please insert a single space before entering the above tags.

  • 4After finish the creative, click [Link] on the buttion, select [Relative path] to set the the link destination where we expect to jump to. Enter the unique id of the destination element in the input field. You can use "#id" as the input format.

  • 5Check the preview to make sure that the anchor link is correct, and if it is, save and publish the campaign.

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