How to simulate a mobile browser to view mobile heatmaps in web view

Step1:Copy the web view link #

First, please switch to your mobile device in the heat map screen ①. Tap「Web View」in the mobile screen ②.

Right-click on the「Confirm」section of the pop-up and select「Copy Link Address」. As shown below, the copied URL will come with Ptengine parameters such as 「

Step2:Access the URL copied in the simulator. #

Open a new tab in your browser.
Right-click in the page and select「Verify」.

Tip:How to open the Developer Tools
Mac: Cmd+Opt+I
Windows: Ctrl+Shift+I
Common: F12 or「Right click」 >>「Verify」

This will open the browser's technician tools and allows you to view it in the Mobile terminal state.

he following explanation uses the Chrome screen.
Click on ① in the image below to switch to the smartphone environment.
At ②, you can select your smartphone device.
You can adjust the zoom in/out ratio at ③.
Click ④ to switch between horizontal and vertical display.

When your browser turns into a smartphone emulator environment, just paste the URL you copied earlier into the address bar
and load it.
When the loading is complete, you can see the web view.

If it doesn't work, please check the following
Why is the heatmap not showing up in the web view?

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