Check campaign heatmap

You can quickly check the heatmap of your campaign in Ptengine Experience with just one click.

Why need campaign heatmap #

For example, you can use Ptengine Experience to personalize a web page for each user, or display a pop-up or sticky bar. You can also do A/B testing with multiple patterns. By using heatmaps to verify the effectiveness of such measures, you can see if the measures are actually changing attitudes and how the pages are viewed in multiple patterns.

The way a web page is read can change drastically by different measures that are implemented to the user. There is a case where the heatmap looks very different as shown below. The original page is on the left. By taking measure A on the same web page, the user will be interested in the case study. By taking measure B, the user will check the whole page and the CVR will increase, etc. By looking at the heatmap, you can intuitively see the effect of the measure.

What is campaign heatmap #

The logic of campaign heatmap is that every time a campaign is displayed, it is measured as an event in Ptengine. When you check the heatmap, you are actually seeing the heatmap of the segment of this specific event.
Also you need to make sure to install the Ptengine script on the page you want to check heatmap.

Note:Please note that the permissions for checking heatmaps are the same as those of Ptengine Insight, so if you cannot see the heatmap of the page in Ptengine Insight, you cannot see it in Ptengine Experience.

How to check campaign heatmap #

  • 1Click on the [More] button of the campaign you want to check the heat map in the campaign list page, click on [View heatmap].

  • 2Select [Page URL] [Campaign Version] [Device] [Heatmap Type] to check the heatmap.
Tip:It is also possible to check the heatmap of another page in the same session where the campaign was displayed. Change the target page URL and check the heatmap. For example, if a campaign is displayed on page A, and then page B is also visited within the same session, the heatmap of page B can also be checked.

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