Notes for using inline editing

Note:Before using inline editing, please make sure that the Ptengine script are pasted directly into the <head> of the HTML source. If the script are directly pasted in the <head>, there is no need to check the following content.

Why install code in the <head> when using inline editing feature? #

  • Page flicker will happen if not set the script into the <head> of the HTML source right.

    Page Flicker
    When editing a page element via inline editing, the page source is not directly changed, but the original page content is temporarily rewritten with the edited content. If the basic script are not in place, when a visitor visits a page, the original page content will be shown to the visitor first, and then the content will be rewritten with the edited content in Ptengine Experience, so the phenomenon of the original page content being shown for a moment is called "flicker".

    How to remove Flicker
    To remove the "Flicker", paste the basic script directly into the <head>. Once the basic script is in place, temporarily hiding the original content each time the page loads will improve the flickering situation so that it is virtually imperceptible.
    By hiding the website until the edited content is applied to the site, there will be a brief whiteout on the website when it's first loaded. The whiteout time is usually in milliseconds, so it will have little or no effect on the loading of the website.

    How to install the basic script #

    Warning:Do not use GTM or any other tag manager to install the basic script if you want to prevent page flicker when using inline sure to place it in the <head> of the page.

    • 1After log in to Ptengine Experience, click [Data Settings] >> [Tracking code instruction].

    • 2You can copy the script from the [Add Script] subpage.
      • 3Paste the script into the <head> of the HTML source MANUALLY.
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