Heatmap comparison

Ptengine Insight has a feature to compare heatmaps.
With this feature, you can display two heatmaps with different conditions in the heatmap report screen at the same time.

By changing the type of heatmap, data reference period, page, device, segment, page front and back modification, you can compare the heatmap from different angles to understand the degree of communication and changes with users. It is useful for various scenarios, such as web-based channel optimization, CVR optimization, UIUX optimization, etc.

We suggest analyzing heatmaps with different segmentation conditions on the left and right.By comparing the difference between the heatmap of new/revisited users and CV users/non-CV users to obtain the characteristics of users, you can grasp the improvement points that lead to user conversion.

Screen Description #

First, click "Add Comparison Target" in the heatmap viewing screen.

The screen will then split into two pieces, as shown in the image below.

  • 1Click Heatmap」「Attention Heatmap」「Page Analysis」You can switch which heatmap you want to compare by using the button in the upper left.
  • 2Historical Heatmap allows for a comparison of before and after modifications.Historical Heatmap You should select the time period when the version you want to call is distributed. If you are using a version that is currently being distributed, there is a chance that the data will not be available.
  • 3With a heatmap tool、「scroll reach rate」・「hidden element」・「refresh」and other icons can be found here. This part please refer to the introduction of tool-bar
  • 4 Finish the heatmap comparison.

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