Stop automatic renewal of your payment

To stop automatic payment renewal, you can follow the next steps.

How to cancel the payment subscription #

  • 1Make sure you are logged in to Ptengine and click in the top right corner. Select **Plan and Billing**.
  • 2Click **Cancel** to stop the automatic renewal of the contract in the following month.
    For example:
    ■ If the contract date is the 1st of February. You stop the subscription on the 19th of January, the automatic payment will stopped on February 1st. Also your account will be downgraded to the free version of Ptengine afterwards.
  • 3To completely cancel and delete your Ptengine account flll out the survey and we will remove your account within 5 working days.

Note:After downgrading to the free plan, you can access your data from the past 2 months. Make sure to select a web page to track your heatmap on, because you will only have 1 heatmap on the free package.

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