Event tracking

Event is function that allows users to track activities other than browsing on a website, such as how many times the "Register" or "Request Information" buttons on a webpage are clicked.

Once a specific user behavior on the website is set as an event, the related values can be checked from the event analysis page, and insights can be obtained based on the comparison of data trends and user behavior for correct website improvement.

Example of using the event function #

  • 1Comparison of the number of registrations from each source and changes in trends
  • 2Check the number of times the "Contact Us" button is clicked on each event page.
  • 3Check the number of people who have clicked the "Register" button but have not yet registered.

Also, use the segment and CV functions together to compare the quality of incoming traffic and the behavior of different user groups before making page improvements.
The event analysis page consists of three parts.

  • 1Event selection bar
  • 2Event graph
  • 3Event list

Event selection bar #

From left to right, there are Period Settings, Event Filter, and CSV Export.
1.In Period Settings, you can select a range of time periods and view data for a particular day or period. (Please refer to the image below)

2.Event filter function: If you click on the green frame here, you will see the names of the events that occurred within this period. In the transition graph and event report area, you will see the values of the selected events. Clicking "All Events" will display all the event data. (Please refer to the following image)

Once you have selected one event, you can apply other filters as shown in the image below.

3.The CSV export function allows you to export the report data as a CSV file.

Event graph #

A transition graph shows the trend in the number of events or visits within a certain period of time.

  • 1You can choose between "Number of Events" and "Number of Visits" as the display indicators. The "Visits" here represents the number of visits that were generated by events.
  • 2Displayed when you are comparing each event transition in the transition graph. Up to five events can be compared. Clicking the Compare Events button on the right will bring up the Compare Events popup as shown below. If there are many events, search or scroll to find the event, check the checkbox on the right to make the selection, and then press "Confirm" to start the comparison.

Tip:Clicking on the event name above the transition graph will toggle between showing and hiding the comparison event.

Event list #

The event list shows the event name and the corresponding number of events and visits. On the rightThe icon allows you to segment the event data with a single click.You can see the details of the Event Report Data by pressing If you click on the indicator, you can change the display order of the list.

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