User group introduction

What is user group #

User group is the practice of grouping users based on the right characteristics suit your business needs, based on which you can get valuable insights, and deliver the right message at the right time.

Your hypothesis gives you all the insights:

Lifecycle stage
Set up groups for each stage based on the user journey that suits your business.

Group users who comes from a specific campaign or location.

Group users for activities such as changing service content, conducting surveys, etc.

In a nutshell, users with the same characteristics and trends can be segmented into the same group, and user behavior data can be analyzed and managed on a group-by-group basis.

When to use user group #

Do you have the following needs?
I want to know the overall statistic data of users in a specific group (for example, the number of visits, visit time, etc.); or I want to know who my most valuable users are and where they come from; I want to know who is more price sensitive.

For example: Analyzing female customer purchase data in London
Products centered on male and female groups should be divided into different user group because there is a significant difference depending on gender。create user groups to maximize marketing effectiveness and value!

What is the value of a user group? #

  • 1Precision Marketing:Maximize value by deeply analyzing user groups with reports and metrics to gain accurate insights and provide optimal content to each user segment.
  • 2Product Improvement:Audience analysis is essential for a better product. You can dig deeper from user behavior to user psychology and goals.
  • 3Industry Trends:You can analyze user data on a group-by-group basis to find out about industry trends. For example, you can understand the tastes of users in the 90's, and analyze the brands preferred by high-end users and consumption trends by region.

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