Create a Form

Form can be easily created in the Editor of Ptengine Experience!

For example, you may have a need to conduct a survey to gather feedback from your loyal customers, feedback on a new product or feature, or gather even basic user information. This can be done quickly and easily with Ptengine Experience's Editor instead of using a separate tool. You can even take the important information from the survey and use it for next actions!

Now, let's take a look at the details below.

Scenarios of Creating a Form #

Scenario 1: Gathering user feedback on the company's services and asking about customer satisfaction
In this case, we can provide feedback on the two items of "customer satisfaction scoring" and "users' voices" as the survey contents.

Scenario 2: Asking if the new feature was helpful to the customer.
Once a new product or feature is released, it is quick and easy to set up a "yes" or "no" option for the "Was it helpful?" question, and even ask "Why?

Scenario 3: Create a form for service reservation
Ask your customers for their contact information directly in the campaign for service reservation. For example, you can ask for contact information such as "name" and "phone number" so that you can contact the customer offline!

Setting Method #

Forms can be added by clicking the "Form" button when creating a pop-up or sticky bar in the editor. Select the form you want to use from the existing templates, and then proceed to edit to your own content.

You can easily change the position and content of the form by dragging and dropping, as well as edit the font, color, and other content of the fields. In addition, if you check the "Save as User Property" checkbox, the form content filled by end users will be collected as user property, which can be used for user groups and further campaigns.

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