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UA exclusion #

UA is software or hardware that performs specific processing or communication on behalf of the user (agent). In particular, those that receive instructions from the user on the network and communicate with the outside world are referred to in this way, and when simply referred to as user agents, they often refer to web clients such as web browsers.

Tip:The current Ptengine insight has eliminated more than 100 bots by default. The detailed list is available in here.

Select "Customize", enter keywords in the input field, and click "Save" to customize and exclude UAs that are not included in the list above. Please note that if you save the file without entering any keywords, the UA exclusion function will be turned off.

Setting method

  • 1Open the Settings > Project > UA Exclusion screen.
  • 2Select "Customize" and enter the keywords for the UA and save. If you want to enter more than one UA, click "Add" and a new input field will appear.

Tip:You can set the UA keyword here to exclude access from the specified UA. Regular expressions can also be used to ensure accuracy.

Warning:Please note that once you select Customize, the default excluded settings will be disabled!

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