Filter & segmentation

One of Ptengine's most used features are the advanced filters and segmentations. It helps you to make calculations, so you can really analyze users' behavior.

Quick filters #

Everywhere in Ptengine you can find these small filter icons. If you click them you activate a quick filter, this will reload all the data specificly with that data. You are able to add multiple at the same time to really drill down in your website stats.

Manage filters #

On the right side of every page you can the filter icon. This will give you access to advanced filters. You can apply multiple layers of filters and save your presets so you can access them the next time without setting them up.

Click the add Segment button to create a new segmentation

In the next step you can select the actual filter and dimension.

Save your segmentations #

When you have created a filter set or segmentation and want to re-use it, you can save it and have quick access to it from the filter menu.

Open saved filters #

When you want to open one of your saved filters or segmentations. Click the filter icon on any page and click the bookmark icon and this will give you access to all your saved filters.

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