Attention Heatmap

In the heat map of attention, areas where visitors spend more time are colored red. In other words, the sum of the time users spend on the site is represented by the color of the heatmap. Even if the page is not clicked, you can still see what the visitor is interested in.

Checkpoint #

・ What content grabs the visitor's attention and what is being skipped over?

・ Is the content being focused what you envisioned when you created the page?

・ Is the content being viewed more at the bottom of the page?

・ Is the color light overall? It should be red.

Screen Description #

  • 1is a heat map color adjustment tool that adjusts the upper limit of the heat map (red). The color of the heat map is relative to the upper limit (red) and lower limit (transparent), but by adjusting the threshold that turns red, you can adjust the heat map that is data-biased and difficult to analyze (whole page bright red, whole page transparent, etc.). You start with the knob in the middle, and if you move the knob to the left, the upper limit goes down, and the red and the yellow go up, and if you move the knob to the right, the upper limit goes up, and the red and the yellow go down.
  • 2Allows you to choose to display scrolling read lines
  • 3is the heatmap reload button. This button can be used to reload page elements if they are loading slowly.
  • 4is the Overlay button.
  • 5is the basic data (clicks, visits, PV) of the current page.
  • 6is the button for viewing the detailed data of the page. After clicking on it, the following window will open, where you can also export the data in CSV format.
  • 7is the Scrolling read line, which shows the percentage of users who have actually scrolled to that position.

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