How to analyze the A/B-test results

Once you have accumulated some A/B test results, try analyzing them to get data-informed insights.

Campaign List #

Click on Personalization to check the campaign dashboard.

You can check the results of the AB test by clicking on [Expand] in the thumbnail of the campaign where you created the AB test.

As shown in the image above, the simple data report on the right side allows us to confirm and compare the performance of each version.

You can also preview the campaign by clicking on the thumbnail on the far left.

Then check each version in the preview environment by clicking the link on the left or scan the QR code on the right.

Campaign Overview #

Same as regular campaign, by clicking the title of the campaign, you can get into the campaign detail page, where there's more information for you to discover with different variations.

Tip:When a goal is set, Ptengine automatically calculates the significant difference. If the confidence level is between 95% and 100%, there is a significant difference between the test version and the original; if the confidence level is below 95%, the difference is not significant and we recommend extending the experiment period or adjusting the creative text of each version.

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