What is Personalization?

Personalization means tailoring an experience to a specific individual or a specific group. Simply provide right content to the right people at the right time. Paying attention to the experience of each individual or group, and get insights that allows you to implement improvements quickly from creating campaigns. In this way, you can build a personalized website and grow your business efficiently and continuously.

Where Personalization Can Help #

After a user enters a site, you can guide them based on their previous behaviors, attributes and other available data. For example, when browsing for a specific product, you can recommend related products or content that the user may be interested in, or provide more efficient support for users in need.

Why Do You Need Personalization #

The following survey results will help you understand why you need personalization. The target respondents. is companies that are implementing personalization.

  • 1Personalization can reduce customer acquisition costs by 50%, increase revenue by 5-15%, and improve the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30% (McKinsey).
  • 287% of companies that have implemented personalization have seen an increase in key business metrics (conversion rate, engagement rate, average order value) (VB Insights survey).
  • 3Before we even fully upgraded our product this time, we have already created success stories for several customers based on the logic of personalization and our product capabilities. For example: Microsoft doubled their service revenue in a short period of time by quickly gaining user insights without relying on technical staff, and just as quickly providing different directions and information to the right users within a tight deadline and limited resources.See the story of Ptengine on Microsoft Store.

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