Experience preview with real conditions

After setting an experience, you may be concerned about whether or not the experience is being displayed properly with the conditions you have set.

This article will guide you to check the creative and the conditions of your experience.

Preview creative #

1.Click on the preview icon

2.Scan a QR code or open the preview link

Please scan the QR code to view on your phone or open the link directly on your PC.
In the case of preview, the page and user conditions are not reflected, and only in the case of popup, the popup trigger are reflected.
※If you have multiple testing versions, please specify a version before opening the preview.

Preview with real conditions #

This method uses test parameters to actually publish the experience and check how well it is displayed. As long as you add the test parameters, this operation is safe and reliable and will not be actually seen by online visitors. Please feel free to proceed. The page editing, popups, A/B testing, or redirect testing you create can all be verified using the following methods.

1.Open the settings screen for the experience you want to check

2.Specify the traffic weight for the version you want to check as 100%.

※If it is not an A/B testing or redirect testing, this operation is unnecessary.
In an A/B testing or redirect testing experience, if you want to check one of the version, please set the traffic weight for the version you want to check to "Custom" → "100%" (After checking, remember to reset the traffic weight to its original setting).

3.Add a test parameter to the page conditions

Please add further conditions to the settings in the page conditions.
For example: Include "ptengine_test" (test parameter) and save it.
The string of test parameters can be anyone you want. The purpose is to avoid visits from general users.

4.Open the URL that matches the conditions in last step

Once the above settings are complete, please publish the experience and verify its display status.
How to open the URL

  • 1For the example given in last step, access the URL with "ptengine_test" added to the end of the original page URL that you want to deliver.
    Example: 「https://www.ptengine.jp/abtest/?ptengine_test」
  • 2If you want to check a specific advertising traffic channel, open a URL based on operational rules such as UTM parameters.
    Example: 「https://www.ptengine.jp/abtest/?ptengine_test&utm_source=facebook」

Note: If you have specified a specific advertising parameter for the target user rather than page conditions

DO: Make sure the first pageview of the visit is a URL link with the relevant UTM parameters. It is recommended to do this in secret mode.
DO NOT: Please be aware that if you add UTM parameters and reload the page based on the page which is already opened, it will no longer meet the conditions.
If the traffic channel is specified for a search engine or social media rather than an advertisement, please ensure that the first pageview of the visit is from that channel. For example, open the page from Google search results or a link posted on Facebook. Then, add the test parameters mentioned above and reload the page.

5.Pause the experience and reset the settings

After check the creative and conditions, please reset following settings:

  • 1 For A/B testing, reset the traffic weight to their original values.
  • 2Remove the test parameters in the page conditions.

If you are concerned about the data tracked during this checking process, it is recommended to duplicate the experience and publish it again for a fresh set of data.

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