Data center toolbar explanation

In the data center toolbar, you can select the time period and page you want to check.
You can also export the data for for 3th party applications.

1. Time period selection

Ptengine offers a quick way to select the time period you want to analyze your data in. There are a few options to select for example the last 30 days.

Custom period selection

Open the time selection dropdown item and simply click the start and end date. This will load your report immediatly for that time period.

Shortcut selection

Presets like today, yesterday or the last 7 days are on the left side of the calendar, saving you time to quickly select some default time periods.

2. Page selection

To the right of the time period calendar, there is a switch button that allows you to select pages, page groups, parameter removal, etc.

You can type in any URL or the Title of the page you want to load. When loaded the report will show you all the metrics for this specific page.

3.CSV Export

If you want to export your data to a CSV file, click the CSV icon as shown below.

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